Sunday, March 27, 2016

Welcome to The Power of Shazam!

The Power of Shazam! was both a graphic novel and a comic series that gave us an updated origin and story line for Captain Marvel.

The Power of Shazam hard cover
The graphic novel came out first as a hard cover book on January 11, 1994.  A soft cover version was later released on December 6, 1994.  The graphic novel presented us with the origin of Captain Marvel and reintroduced fans to other Marvel characters such as the wizard Shazam, and Black Adam.  Jerry Ordway was both writer and artist for the graphic novel.

The Power of Shazam TPB

The Power of Shazam comic series premiered on January 31, 1995 and ran for 47 issues.  The last issue printed January 6, 1999.  (Note: The Power of Shazam! #48 was a one shot edition that printed on January 13, 2010)  Jerry Ordway was the writer and created each issues cover.

The Power of Shazam! #1

This blog will cover aspects of both the graphic novel and comic series.  I'm a big fan of the golden age Captain Marvel, and in my opinion The Power of Shazam! is a good modernization of classic Cap and his cast of characters.  I have two other Captain Marvel blogs, so please check those out for information on the golden age and bronze age Captain Marvel adventures!  I welcome your feedback and comments and sincerely hope you enjoy what you read here!

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  1. I just started hunting down issues of this series. I look forward to following along!